White Chocolate

White chocolate is used in many of the same ways all chocolate is used, so it is relatively versatile and very popular for making candies, fudge, and desserts.

It can also be used to garnish desserts or as a dip for fruit but the white chocolate production process is different.

It can be popular for use in savory dishes, offsetting spicy flavors with a bit of sweet. Some people even enjoy eating this chocolate plain. It has a very rich consistency, so eat slowly and only a little at a time.

White Chocolate

This type of chocolate contains sugar, cocoa butter, and milk solids.

It’s either ivory or pale yellow in color, indicating a high quality product. Chocolate that is pure white in color has been made using inferior fats and should be avoided.

The unusual color of this type of chocolate creates a nice contrast when used in conjunction with fresh fruit or other chocolate ingredients.

How is White Chocolate Made?

Cocoa butter is separated out during the chocolate making process.

This type of chocolate is made using the separated cocoa butter, milk, and sugar.

Many manufacturers also add pure vanilla to their products for additional flavor. The end result is a creamy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.

A standard set by several nations across the world is for white chocolate ingredients to include at least 20% cocoa butter in order to be considered a quality product.

Tips for Working With This Type of Chocolate

Working with this chocolate can be a bit frustrating at times, especially if the cocoa butter separates and creates an oily substance that is impossible to incorporate into your baked good or candy.

Add a bit of standard chocolate or real butter and re-emulsify it in order to continue using it for your recipe.

Marble Chocolate

It’s a sensitive type of chocolate and must be handled properly when baking or making other confections.

Look for bricks of chocolate or pieces in the store if you’re comfortable with cutting off chunks for recipes. Otherwise, look for small white chips of chocolate to use in your baking.

Bakers Chocolate is one of my favorites to work with when making Minty Chocolate Bark for the holidays.

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