Unsweetened Chocolate

Unsweetened Chocolate is usually known by the name of baking chocolate, bitter chocolate, and sometimes cooking chocolate. It is the most pure form of chocolate liquor made from cocoa butter and cocoa beans alone.

Baking chocolate is essentially hardened chocolate liquor. It contains no added sugars, but when used as the foundation of a recipe with sugars added, it makes delicious cookies, brownies, candies, and cakes. It's all about unsweetened chocolate here!

The flavor of unsweetened has become quite popular in Europe and in the city of New York where people are opting for unsweetened chocolate in an attempt to still enjoy the treat, but without the added fat and sugar.

People who are serious about chocolate appreciate the strong flavor of baking chocolate. It may take some time to become accustomed to the intense flavor of this chocolate type without adding sugar to it, but the health benefits are well worth the attempt.

Unsweetened Chocolate Ingredients

According to FDA standards, baking chocolate must contain a minimum of at least 50% cocoa butter.

The cocoa solids in this type of chocolate must be from only the cocoa nibs. When you’re looking at the label of a product, make sure that no sugars are listed in the ingredient list or else you may be holding a product that is merely trying to imitate baking chocolate.

The beans used to make chocolate can lend a unique flavor to the beans, depending on the trees’ geographic location. Each cacao bean will taste slightly different than another, giving you many options from which to choose for your baking.

Read the Labels Closely

This pure form of chocolate can be sweetened with honey, brown sugar, white sugar, or even artificial sweeteners.

Look for it in your local grocery store in the form of chips, chunks, liquid, or even powder.

Make sure to read the labels so you don’t end up with dark chocolate or bittersweet chocolate when you truly wanted unsweetened. You’re going to love how it tastes in your desserts!

Please Note:

Don’t substitute unsweetened baking chocolate in a recipe that calls for semisweet or bittersweet chocolate or vice-versa.

The results will be less than desirable in the way of taste.

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