Semi Sweet Chocolate

Semi sweet chocolate is essentially a type of dark chocolate, but can boast that it contains less than half of the amount of sugar found in dark chocolate.

It’s similar to dark chocolate however in that sugar and fat are added to the cacao in order to be classified as a type of dark chocolate. Learn all about semi sweet chocolate here and now.

Milk is not added to semi-sweet chocolate, but some manufacturers do add milk solids to their products.

Semisweet Chocolate Ingredients

The criteria set forth by the FDA in the United States specifies that semisweet chocolate must contain a minimum of 35% chocolate liquor, which is the same for bittersweet and dark chocolate.

This type of dark chocolate contains no more than 12% milk solids, but preferably a lot less.

Britain however specifies that semisweet chocolate must contain at least 45% or more of chocolate liquor in order to be called semi sweet.

Semisweet Chocolate vs. Bittersweet Chocolate

    How are these two similar?

  • They can be used interchangeably in a recipe

  • Both are considered types of dark chocolate

    How are they different?

  • Semi-sweet chocolate has a higher sugar content, making it sweeter than bittersweet

  • Bittersweet has a more intense flavor

The recipe you’re using may well determine whether you’ll choose one or the other in order to make the recipe work to your desired taste.

This type of chocolate is used across the board when it comes to baking. It’s been used successfully as the main ingredient in pies, cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, sorbets, and ice cream.

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