Ruth Wakefield
- Creator of Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

Even if you’ve never heard of Ruth Wakefield, I’m sure you’ve eaten a chocolate chip cookie at some point in your life. Mrs. Wakefield created a cookie recipe that has been baked in America’s kitchens for the last 50 years – the Original Toll House Cookies.

Mrs. Wakefield and her husband purchased a historic toll house in 1930 and transformed it into what is now the famous Toll House Inn located in Whitman, Massachusetts.

Mrs. Wakefield was quite an accomplished cook, so she cooked and baked the food and desserts for the guests of the inn.

One day, she was making a traditional cookie recipe called the Butter-Drop Do. She happened to have some Nestle chocolate on hand, so she cut it into small pieces and added it to the batter.

She was surprised to see that the chocolate didn’t melt as she had originally hoped it would, but instead held its shape and added a wonderful flavor and chocolate surprise to the cookie. Mrs. Wakefield named her delicious cookie creation the Toll House Cookie.

Toll House Cookies

The News Spread!

It didn’t take long for her original cookie recipe to become quite the favorite of people who visited the inn. Soon she had requests for the recipe so people could bake the cookies when they returned home.

Mrs. Wakefield allowed Nestle® to put her recipe onto their chocolate bars and it wasn’t long before the chocolate chip cookie recipe became a household favorite.

It was because of Mrs. Wakefield’s cookie recipe that Nestle® began producing their semi-sweet real chocolate morsels.

Little did Ruth Wakefield know that day that she would create a cookie that would become America’s favorite!

Did You Know?

The Toll House Inn still serves Mrs. Wakefield's chocolate chip cookies to all of their guests even today.

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