Mocha Coffee
- Mochalicious with Silk Soymilk

Mocha Coffee is something many people enjoy on a regular basis. We go to our favorite coffee spot and put in our order and pay our money. We may enjoy it but we are never sure just exactly what went into it.

This coffee recipe is very simple and one of the basic coffee drinks so making it at home isn't very challenging: but we will save money and know exactly what ingredients have gone into it. Have a go yourself at our simple Mocha Coffee recipe sometime soon.

The ingredient list is short and simple, which means you will be enjoying a delicious mocha coffee in no time!

It takes maybe 5 to 10 minutes tops.

Your Coffee Ingredients

Mocha Coffee

  • 1 shot caramel syrup

  • 2 shots chocolate syrup

  • 1 cup steamed Silk, any flavor

  • 2 shots espresso

  • garnish with cocoa

Make a Delicious Mocha Coffee

Blend all ingredients in your favorite warmed up coffee mug. Garnish with foamed Silk soymilk and a drizzle of your favorite flavored syrup.

This recipe serves one person, but could easily be doubled or tripled for those times you want to enjoy coffee with friends.

Recipe Resource:

How To Make A Layered Mocha Latte: The professional way!

From: ExpertVillage.
Time: 4.13 mins
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