Low Acid Coffee

Low acid coffee is beginning to make in-roads into the market because of the growing number of those who enjoy drinking coffee but suffer the irritations and stomach upsets that normal coffee brings to them.

In the past they would have had to give it up entirely but these days there are alternative solutions.

Coffee is one of the best-loved drinks but millions are forced to forego drinking coffee because of gastrointestinal problems, such as acid reflux, heartburn and chronic irritation of the stomach.

Ground Coffee BeansIronically, the issue is caused by the roasting of the coffee beans to give off its famous aroma and flavor. But this is slowly being overcome.

Gastrointestinal medical specialist Joseph Schmer, M.D., who was also formerly co-chief of gastroenterology of the Brooklyn, NY Methodist Hospital is witness to the enormity of the problem of stomach issues for coffee drinkers.

According to this medical specialist, during the process of roasting the coffee, natural acids are released, which can lead to stomach upset, indigestion, and heartburn.

He also added that in order for coffee lovers who have sensitive stomachs to still enjoy drinking coffee, it is necessary to reduce these irritants.

People who have sensitive stomach might want to check out Coffee Legends' Gentle Java, the latest new coffee designed for coffee drinkers who swear coffee upsets their stomachs. The java is prepared using an all-natural steam process, which is popular in Europe for some 60 years.

Ground Coffee BeansThe process reduces some 70 percent of coffee beans' irritants and impurities. Steaming keeps the coffee aroma and flavor intact. People who don't have sensitive stomachs can enjoy the coffee, too.

Gentle Java is the best news for people who depend on coffee to focus or for those who want to gain the health benefits of coffee's antioxidant properties.

While caffeine is known to help prevent asthmatic attacks, latest studies have demonstrated that coffee drinking have numerous other documented or observed health benefits.

Coffee drinking has long been associated with reduced incidence of gallstone ailments in men, lowered risk of the formation of kidney stones and lowered risk of cancer of the colon.

Other clinical trials and studies found coffee to be a rich source of potassium which promoted the effectiveness of migraine medications, and protected against free-radical damage to body tissues. One study discovered that coffee has more antioxidant activity compared to orange juice, green tea, black tea and red wine.

So now you do really have a choice with the low acid coffee alternatives that are becoming available. 

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