How To Make Coffee

How to make coffee varies the world over. In fact there are five basic ways to make coffee, each of which varies in how water is introduced to the coffee grounds, temperature and how the coffee is separated from the grounds. These techniques are Turkish, Concentrate, Percolation, Drip and French Press.

We will examine each of these procedures to fully appreciate the versatility of the coffee brew and offer you a variety of ways of how to make coffee for yourself.

1...Turkish Coffee:

The Turkish style is common in Greece and throughout the Arab world as well as in Turkey and the Balkans. This method consists of boiling finely ground coffee in a small container directly over a flame.

In many cases, the coffee will be boiled along with a little sugar and cardamom. Having a little grounds left over at the bottom of your cup is normal with this style of coffee and in Turkey, there are fortune tellers who will examine your coffee grounds and tell you about your future.

2...Concentrate Brewing:

This type of brewing is especially popular in Latin American and Caribbean countries as well as in southeast Asia and is starting to become popular in the US as well.

This method involves a large quantity of coffee and a small amount of water, with the end product of the brewing process being a very strong concentrated coffee.

Concentrate brewing can be done with cold or hot water; cold water concentrate brewing makes a smooth, full bodied coffee with low acidity which makes great iced coffee as well as being great reheated and served hot.

The coffee concentrate is mixed with hot or cold water for a cup of iced or hot coffee.

.... or you can extract coffee directly from the coffee bean to your cup by having your own coffee machine by Coffechino Coffee Machine Suppliers who provide quality coffee machines for all kinds of coffee needs


Percolating is brewing coffee in boiling water, with the grounds resting in a basket. The water continuously circulates through the basket to create a percolator full off coffee.

It works, but it is far from an ideal method of brewing coffee and is becoming increasingly rare since it generally results in weak coffee with an unpleasant bitterness. However, this style does have its adherents, so if you enjoy making your coffee this way, by all means, go ahead!

4...Automatic Drip:

This is by far the most common method of brewing in the US and many other Western nations. Automatic drip involves pouring hot water over a filter full of ground coffee, with the brewed coffee dripping out the bottom.

It's a simple method which can make a great cup if you're working with quality coffee makers. One issue with many drip machines is that they brew at too low or too high a temperature; however, Bunn along with a few other companies produce machines which are properly calibrated for the task. There is also the question of the filter.

Paper filters can prevent some of the volatile flavor producing oils from getting through to the coffee and sometimes leave an unpleasant taste, which is why many people prefer gold plated filters. They're reusable and do not impart any flavor to the brew while allowing the flavor producing components through.

5...French Press:

Brewing your coffee with a French press takes a little more work than using an automatic drip machine, but allows you to have more control over your coffee.

You place coffee in a glass carafe, with coarse ground coffee being customary, though this is up to you. Hot water is then poured into the carafe and a lid with plunger attached to a mesh screen is placed on top. After a few minutes wait, the plunger is then pushed down.

The French press method produces a full flavored cup of coffee, though there will usually be some fine particles left in the finished brew despite the screen.

So there you are, the five ways on how to make coffee, perhaps there are some you haven't tried yet!

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