Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini, a recently popular drink, has the double barreled approach to success, with an incredible blend of both caffeine and alcohol. It is a "buzz that pick you up and relaxes you all at the same time".

The popularity of this drink is undeniable, and it can be seen with the increasing popularity of espresso shops and martini bars.

Are you ready to experience the amazing taste of the espresso martini? If so, then it's time to order one at your nearest bar.

An Espresso Martini If you're unfamiliar with the espresso martini there's a good chance you're going to be asking what it its. There are quite a few variations of it out there, which means you can't just cite a recipe for your espresso martini and expect it to be universally accepted.

There are however a few constant ingredients which are espresso and vodka. If you wish however, you might substitute the espresso with coffee, or you might even use instant coffee crystals...but don't tell the purists.

If you want a good tasting espresso martini, then you will need to make it with real espresso, and if you're making your espresso at home, then make sure you allow it to cool to room temperature before you add it to the cocktail shaker. There are some who will use ice to cool down their espresso an they tend to forget that ice does melt. This will serve to give your espresso a watery taste at best.

Flavored vodka is almost always used in the espresso martini, and most will use a vanilla vodka in tandem with a coffee liqueur.

There are however quite a few espresso flavored vodkas available for those who do not want to go through the trouble of creating their own espresso martini from scratch.

When vodka and espresso are combined, you can start to add your own variations. There are some recipes that will call for Grand Mariner, and there are others that will call for Tia Maria or even Amaretto.

If you wish, you can always use chocolate liqueurs, and you can be sure that there are plenty of other combinations that you might try at some point. Just remember that you want to add a hint of flavor without overpowering the entire drink. In other words, only add a splash.

Almost all espresso recipes advocate the use of a garnish. Adding three espresso beans will top off the drink nicely, and most say that odd amounts are lucky.

In other words, three beans will be absolutely perfect.

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