Effects Of Caffeine

Effects of caffeine are many and various and often cited in the realm of fantasy. Are there proven facts to consider and do they add up to a plus or a minus when caffeine, especially in chocolate and coffee, is concerned.

Caffeine and chocolate frequently get bad publicity. True, there are instances and when taken in excess, coffee and chocolate can have negative effects on the body, yet both can be beneficial health-wise. We need to examine the effects of caffeine.

Cake and CoffeeI agree that some people experience the negative effects of caffeine or chocolate. Here's an example, excess caffeine can cause depression, anxiety, increased heart rate and nausea (especially if not taken with meals or food).

Chocolate is of course not something that should be regular in one's diet. If sugar addiction is a problem, or wanting to lose extra pounds, there are more healthy complete foods available.

Scientists have discovered new interesting facts about caffeine. One is -- caffeine blocks the effects of adenosine, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Adenosine zaps our energy, making us tired. That is why caffeine works fine to keep us alert and awake.

Caffeine also promotes the release of other chemicals in the brain, dopamine and adrenalin. It is dopamine that gives that feeling of well being.

Two studies, one based on a population study (which is not strictly defined or as specific as other categories of studies, but still important indicators) discovered that drinking drinks that contain caffeine such as coffee and tea protected those who are at risk to develop liver ailments. Problems that the participants of the study increased their risks for liver ailments included obesity, hepatitis B or C, alcoholism, or other serious ailments.

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This was not a scientific trial, hence the reason for the effects of coffee and tea is not known. Coffee and tea contain numerous plant chemicals or phytonutrients which could be the cause for the effect it had on people who drank coffee or tea.

A 2005 Norwegian research study also discovered similar findings on the benefits of coffee in relation to liver diseases. The study uncovered that drinking 3 cups of coffee daily may lower the risk of liver cirrhosis-caused deaths.

If you are not at risk for a deadly liver disease, caffeine has health advantages for you. The latest Austrian research showed that caffeine enhances short-term memory.

The researchers found increased brain activity during the magnetic resonance imaging in the brain parts along the frontal lobe and anterior cingulum associated with attention and memory.

This was a placebo-controlled study, wherein some participants were not given caffeine. A 2004 study on the effects of caffeine confirmed that caffeine supported short term memory, but only in relation to topics people were previously thinking about.

This study also established caffeine's effect on short term recall can actually be inhibited when unrelated subjects where raised.

However, there is a downside as in all things. Adenosine is also calming but is blocked by caffeine. Blocking of adenosine causes excessive anxiety in some individuals. In any case people differ and have different reactions to caffeine because people's brain chemistry is one of a kind.

When people are addicted to stimulating drinks that has caffeine, people lose their sensitivity to natural stimulants - adrenaline and dopamine.

The effects of caffeine are measurable and observable but vary among different people. This would be something you would definitely talk to your own personal health care professional about: and we would advise you to do just that!

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