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Coffee Roasters are becoming more and more popular every day, but that's not to say they are a new phenomena. If you have made the decision to roast your own coffee, you first have to think about getting a suitable roaster. 

This will most likely be one of the most difficult decisions that you will have to make in reference to coffee.  There's nothing more frustrating than picking out an unsuitable roaster. Coffee Roasters 101.

In the following article, we will mostly look at the automated customer coffee bean roasters. But, keep in mind that you always have the option of roasting your own fresh coffee beans at home without the aid of a roasting machine. 

Older Coffee RoasterThis is due to the fact that beans can roast in or on top of a stove, on a barbeque grill and possibly even in a popcorn maker.  However, if you are really serious about learning how to roast your own coffee beans at home, then you should really think about purchasing an actual roasting machine.  You could still use other methods to roast your beans on your own, but it will take a lot longer to do so. 

So, why do people choose to roast their own coffee beans at home?  Simply put, the decision is based purely on the freshness and quality that you will get from roasting your own beans.  If you purchase green coffee beans or un-roasted coffee beans, it is easy to roast them at home in batches.  They will still continue to stay fresh until you need them.   

Having the capability to roast their own beans is an absolute must for a lot of coffee lovers.  This gives you the chance to get rid of stale coffee, get a premium roast when and where you need it and not pay a fortune for the pleasure.

 Basically, the two main types of coffee roaster machines are Fluid Bed/Air Roasters and Drum Roasters. 

Fluid Bed/Air Coffee Roasters: 

If your goal is to roast your own coffee beans at home, then the first thing that you should obtain is a basic fluid bed type of roaster.  These roasters are basically smaller and are mostly for low to medium home usage. 

Electric Automatic Coffee RoasterSo, they can roast beans very quickly with ease.  This means that it will not be necessary to monitor the roasting process in the same manner in which you would if you were standing over a stove.  

These types of roasters function like popcorn poppers because they need hot air during the roasting process. Also, there is the ability to monitor the roasting process.  As a result, you have a chance to successfully control it.

In addition, you might be able to select pre-set roasts. If you are a beginner who roasts coffee at home, you might discover that this type of machine is better suitable for you. This is because you can get a feel for the complete process as time goes on. 

Besides, you will always have the option to upgrade to a larger and more difficult roaster in the future when you are more at ease with roasters.  These roasters are also less expensive than other choices and are generally simple to use in the kitchen. 

But on the other hand, there are a few disadvantages of using this type of machine.  You will discover that a few models will only roast a small amount of coffee at one time and will burn if they are used more frequently. 

Also, a few models do not have desirable features such as controls or pre-sets.  As a matter of fact, a lot of them do not have any of these features.  So, it might take some time before you are comfortable with utilizing this kind of roaster. 

Drum Coffee Roasters: 

If you are not very impressed with fluid bed roasters for roasting your coffee beans, then you also have the option of choosing drum roasters.  These roasters at one time were only used in commercial coffee shops and stores that were known for roasting their own beans.  But, but these days, it is not uncommon to for them to be used domestically as well. 

Drum roasting machines can usually roast more beans at one time than fluid bed machines because they are larger.  A majority of them function on a convection or conduction method.  With this type of roaster you can put your beans in a drum, close it, turn it on and then wait until the beans have finished roasting.

 Automatic Coffee Roaster Even though it can be used at home, this is more of a commercial grade machine.  Basically, this rings true because it is more difficult to use than fluid bed roasters.  But, as time goes by, most serious coffee lovers will like this machine more because it produces better tasting coffee. 

One of the main disadvantages of most drum roasters is that they do not have a window, which means that you cannot look inside of them like you can with fluid bed roasters.  So, you must depend on your sense of smell or hearing in order to know when the roasting process has been completed. 

This is one of the reasons that most beginning roasters will not want to choose this type of machine the first time around. 

Another disadvantage is that a few drum roasters produce a lot of smoke, so you must ensure that there is plenty of ventilation or roast the beans on the outside.

In addition to the smoking issue, drum roasters also have yet another disadvantage.  They are much more expensive than fluid bed roasters.  All in all, you should really think about how comfortable you are about roasting your own beans at home. 

If you are new to all of this, you should probably start out with a fluid bed machine.  But, if you are comfortable with the whole process and need more features, then you might be happier with a drum roaster. 

Whichever machine you decide to use, do not forget that it is very important that you read a few online reviews to find out some of the things that the manufacturer failed to disclose about the product. 

These reviews are done by people who have used the roasters on a frequent basis.  They will give you a realistic view of both the advantages and disadvantages.

A Few things that you should ask about fluid bed coffee roasters:   

1..How functional are these roasters?

2..Are they considered to be easy and convenient to use?

3..What are a few of their most memorable features?

4..How well are they produced?

5..How even is the roast?

6..Can you see inside of the roasting chamber?

7..Is the roaster too noisy?

8..Are the roaster and its parts easy to clean?

9..What goes on with the chaff?  

A Few things that you should ask about drum coffee roasters: 

1..How functional are these roasters?

2..Are they considered to be easy and convenient to use?

3..What are a few of their most memorable features?

4..Do they make a lot of smoke?

5..Can you see the inside of the drum from the outside?

6..Does the roaster overheat?

7..What goes on with the chaff?

8..Are the roaster and its parts, easy to clean?

Hopefully this information will give you the tools to make the correct decision, or at least help you through the world of coffee roasters.

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