Coffee Pod

A Coffee Pod is a type of a machine that we can use anytime to brew coffee. The coffee comes, pre-packed in a small, single serving container which is simply dropped into the top of the machine.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are manufacturing these kinds of machines, with names such as the Kuerig, Black & Decker, Folgers, Phillips and Melitta, among others.

Keurig Coffee PodThese machines come in different designs, sizes and colors, while some have extra features added into them.

The individual pods are expensive and often, after making a cup of coffee, these machines tend to drip and later on, companies that are manufacturing these coffee pods may think of creating newer pods that are better than those available in the market today, and subsequently do not continue to fit your old machine.

To overcome these problems, the answer is simple:

Make Your Own Coffee Pods at Home.

Some people don't care much for their usual pod coffee maker and others still need to have their own coffee pod device. Here is the answer that can help people who love drinking coffee; they can make their own coffee pod easily with their regular kitchen gadgets right at home.

They will need the following items to make their own pods right in their own kitchens -- stainless kitchen steel measuring scoop, filter, jar, etc. With these kitchen aids, they can do the following steps to prepare them at home.

First, make sure the stainless steel measuring scoop fits perfectly into the coffee maker's pod holder. The jar must also fit inside the measuring scoop. For 5 cups of coffee, one must have a coffee filter that handle the amount of coffee for the same number of cups.

Pots of CoffeeThe jar is then set into the pod holder's scoop. The next thing is to prepare the coffee filter which is shaped evenly over the jar's end. The filter paper should be shaped to fit over the end of the jar and positioned at the jar's center. The jar is then inverted and placed over the measuring scoop.

Next the jar has to be inverted and placed in the measuring scoop. After this, the jar is removed but the cup-shaped filter remains in the measuring cup. This is to make sure the ground coffee is covered completely.

Two teaspoons of ground coffee is added to the paper cup filter. Typically, regular coffee makers use scoops that can contain up to 7 grams of coffee. The cup is shaken lightly to spread the ground coffee uniformly on the base of the filter in the jar. This makes sure that the ground coffee completely covers the base. Finally, the pod is ready.

Remember that the pod holder should be cleaned carefully to prevent blocking of the pod's holes by sediments from the ground coffee.

Making your own coffee pod means you can choose your own type of coffee, save money and never go out of style.


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