Coffee Makers

Coffee Makers come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, but generally they can be classified into five major groups.

We have a look at each of these groups to help you decide which sort of coffee maker is going to be best for you.

Approximately fifty-two percent of Americans are avid coffee drinkers, which translates to 100 million individuals in the United States alone who drink the brown beverage on a daily basis. But the members of the coffee culture have different views on what makes for an excellent cup of coffee.

Amidst all these friendly disagreements, one thing is agreed - coffeemakers are an essential part of the coffee-making process.

Drip Style Coffee Maker Each coffee drinker will choose the type of coffeemaker that fits his needs, wants and preferences in the coffee itself on the one hand as well as the desired features, brand and budget for the coffee maker on the other.

1...Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

For most Americans, the automatic drip coffeemakers are arguably the most popular option. These kinds of coffeemakers are easy on the pockets, easy on the eyes and easy to use since these machines operate on a similar standard of operation.

The coffee grounds are placed into the coffee pot where a filter basket equipped with a paper filter is also present. Tap water is then poured into the reservoir and before being poured over the coffee grounds, it is subsequently heated. Coffee then flows into the waiting carafe or pitcher with the heating pad keeping the brown beverage warm for hours at a time.

The most common complaint for the people who don't prefer to use the automatic drip coffeemakers is that the coffee does not taste as good as with the other types of coffee machines. It is important to use high-quality disposable paper filters as well as keeping the coffeemaker and its carafe clean to achieve better results.

2...Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker

Three types of automatic espresso coffeemaker are available in the market today, namely, super automatic, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

While the semi-automatic versions tamp the coffee grounds, which were processed in the grinder first, before brewing them to make coffee, the fully automatic models also grind the coffee into the desired consistency.

Both automatically eject the used coffee grounds. The super automatic versions offer a wider range of features like built-in water filters.

Automatic Coffee Maker 3...French Press Coffee Maker

The French press coffeemakers, which are also called press pots and plunger pots, have pots made from either glass or porcelain. With each pot is a stainless mesh plunger serving as the reusable coffee filter.

The steps to make a cup of coffee from a French press are relatively simple with pressing on the grounds as the primary activity.

Measure the coffee grounds according to one's desired strength of the resulting coffee and place into the pot. Pour nearly boiling water into the pot and wait for a few minutes to let the coffee grounds steep. The plunger should then be manually pressed into the coffee grounds and the resulting coffee can then be poured into a waiting cup.

French press coffeemakers do not come with a keep-hot feature. It is, thus, necessary to serve the coffee immediately while it is still hot or to pour it into a thermal carafe. Keep in mind that reheating the coffee can make it bitter.

Stove Top Coffee Maker 4...Stove-top Espresso Coffee Maker

The best feature of a stove-top espresso coffeemaker is its convenience since it can be used anywhere a viable source of heat can be found. Said heat source can be a stove-top or a campfire.

Even its operation is simple: Pour water into the bottom boiler, place the funnel filter over it and then fill with coffee. Once the top is lightly screwed on, the coffeemaker can then be placed over the source of heat.

When the top portion of the boiler is filled with the brewed coffee after a few minutes, the entire unit is taken away from the heat. It is then poured into the cups and served.

5...Vacuum Coffee Maker

This type of coffeemaker looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab instead of the kitchen. It consists of two overlapping containers connected by a siphon tube with a coffee filter placed in the upper containers bottom part.

To use the vacuum coffeemaker, water is poured into the lower container while the coffee grounds are placed in the upper container. The entire unit is then placed over the heat source preferably a stove, which will then vaporize the heated water and passed through the siphon tube to the upper container.

After about 3 minutes, the coffeemaker is taken off the heat source. The vapor then turns back into water and pushed through the filter into the lower container where the coffee grounds are waiting.

While Sunbeam created the first modern version of the truly automatic vacuum coffeemaker, it was Faberware that manufactured the first automatic version.

Unfortunately, very few companies are now making the vacuum coffeemakers. The good news is that auction sites like eBay and antique stores may carry the Sunbeam and Silex models.

Coffee lovers have many choices in coffeemakers. Every budget, style and preference will find a match in coffeemakers from the high-end to the low-end.

With this variety of coffee makers there has to be one to suit your own needs and tastes.

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