Coffee Grinders

Coffee Grinders are something that need serious research: especially if you are purchasing one for the first time, because there are many options available when selecting one.

If you have several spots for the grinder to sit that is one concern you can cross off your list. Deciding on size, color, price and style are things remaining to be considered.

Hopefully this article will help you with your decision on what to buy when considering purchasing coffee grinders.

Before you debate the pros and cons of a burr grinder versus a blade grinder, there is another decision to make.

Either grinder is available in manual or electric features. Grinding coffee beans is like making ice cream with a hand operated ice cream maker. It is a lot of fun the first time. From then on, electrical power is the top choice.

That was an easy choice, so now on to the two basic styles of grinders.

How important is it to have freshly ground coffee beans to make your coffee? Is one of the first thoughts when you get up in the morning concerning that refreshing brew? Purchasing a coffee grinder will impact your budget. 

Hand Coffee GrinderIf fresh ground beats canned chunks of coffee with possible fillers, read on knowing that some expense is going to be accepted.

Following are the most important things that make each style of grinder worth considering. List the pros and cons of each grinder type and style that interest you and disregard the other information when you debate the information for your choice.  

Blade Grinders:

Blade grinders have a cutting blade that spins around to grind the coffee beans. Most blade grinders have settings to establish the time they run. The longer the blade cuts, the finer the grind.

That can affect your coffee results, because too fine a grind often allows sediment to pass through the filter. It settles to the bottom of the pot and ruins that last cup of coffee.


1..Blade grinders are often considerably less expensive that burr grinders.

2..Coffee beans are ground adequately.


1..The grind is not even. Some chunks are larger than others and a few beans hardly ground at all.

2..The quality and taste of the brew suffers from the uneven cuts.

3..Blades will overheat when cutting a finer grind, affecting the coffee taste after brewing.

Burr Grinders:

Burr grinders, sometimes referred to as coffee mills, work differently than a blade grinder.

Instead of grinding, beans are crushed between the grinder's moving wheel and static surface. You just have to pre-set the grind level on the burr's selection panel. Select either a doser or doserless model for the grinder's coffee bean storage area.  


1..You always get an even grind from a burr grinder.

2..It is easy to use the grinding pre-sets and the grinders.


1..Burr grinders are usually more expensive than blade grinders.

2..Models vary and some are difficult to clean while others clog very easily.

It is important to consider how particular you are about the way your coffee will taste and the quality of the grind when deciding on the coffee grinder. Whether you choose a burr grinder or a blade grinder is going to depend on how much rich, satisfying flavor in your coffee is to you.

If you just like a plain cup of coffee and rely on the grinder to help provide that just-ground freshness, a blade grinder will do that. There is no sense in purchasing the more expensive burr grinder when a blade grinder does the job.  

Quite a few blade grinder users have suggested shaking the machine gently on occasion to help move the chunks of dry coffee beans for a more even cut.

You may not get the delicious cup of coffee you are looking for from the coffee beans you purchased because of the grind. It is essential to remember it is very likely due to the uneven grind of the blade grinder, even though the grind is effective.

Modern Electric Coffee GrinderMany coffee drinkers want the same results each time they grind their beans and brew a cup of coffee. You may want to look carefully at various burr grinders, many of which will produce what you want.  

Coffee connoisseurs are huge advocates of the burr grinder because the grinding is consistently excellent and that results in fantastic taste per cup. Great flavor is assured by the even grind of each coffee bean.

Both types of grinders are easy to find, compare and buy on the Internet or in stores. Many of the quality coffee maker manufacturers, such as Capresso, Alpina, Braun, Mr. Coffee, KitchenAid, Russell Hobbs, Krups, DeLonghi, and Solis produce one of more types of grinders.

Watch for the bargains that appear year-round. It is tempting to buy the first grinder you like, but you might possibly find an even better one at or near the same price if you wait. Make a list of what features you want and why; then comparison-shop the prices.

Read reviews. More and more people love the freedom of the internet to voice their opinion, good or bad, on something they have tried. After you have decided on a burr grinder or blade grinder, do an online search for reviews on the top three or four you like.

You will find comments from people who have used the different grinders, which is more helpful than the manufacturer's selling pitch. You will get a better idea of how useful and easy the machine is and how the intricate differences in models can affect the results.  

That is far better than finding out a few days into trying one you have bought that it is not what you were looking for, after all.

Note the positive feedback in the reviews and watch for signs of trouble. Common problems or repeated positive accolades mentioned several times by other grinder users could indicate making a different or definite choice.

These include:

1..Clogs or gets blocked easily

2..Bitter taste of coffee due to overheating

3..Beans get stuck in mechanism

4..Very noisy

5..Problem with static electricity

6..Consistent even grind

7..Easy to maintain and clean

8..Ground coffee easy to dispense

9..Well- made and durable

Making a determination regarding taste, flavor and quality of coffee is the first vital step of determining which coffee grinder is important in your household.

Browsing the selections of types and models of grinders closely follows. Taking advantage of sales and reviews to help you make your decision is the third best move to help you get the right grinder, whether blade or burr, for your home.

Coffee Grinders are not the most straightforward items to choose!  

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