Coffee Grind

Coffee Grind is crucial if you want to get the taste to perfection. It is also important to match the grind to the type of coffee maker you are using.

To maintain the best flavor, select and store your own coffee beans and learn to grind them the correct way. Coffee Grind is very important.

Coffee drinkers know that air and light can spoil the taste of their coffee beans. Once the coffee grinds get in contact with air, these start to lose their zesty taste.

Coffee manufacturers go as far to seal their coffee grinds to keep them fresh for long periods of time. But once the seal is broken, the flavor begins lose its original essence. A surefire way to keep the flavor of your coffee longer as possible is by buying coffee beans and grinding them at home. But then, do you know the proper way of grinding your coffee beans?

Grind Your Own

Different coffee types require different grinds. You will have to learn to properly use your coffee grinder if you want the best tasting and the freshest coffee ever.

Wooden Coffee GrinderIf you wish to brew your coffee with a French Press coffee maker or a percolator, you will be needing a coarse grind. Put your coffee beans in the coffee grinder then tap the grind button several times, just like tapping your food processor's pulse feature.

The target is to break up the beans until they resemble small bits of coffee beans. If the appearance is powdery, you have to do the process again. Do not hold down the tap button of the coffee grinder, just tap it.

Coffee makers that have automatic drip work well with medium grinds. Medium grinds look like the coffee beans you see in a can of supermarket coffee.

They look like brown beach sand. Picture the sand at the beach clinging to your toes - that's what you should see in your coffee maker. When using the coffee grinder, don't go overboard when grinding the coffee beans.

Too much grinding creates fine coffee powder, not medium grind coffee beans. You don't use fine powder if you are using an automatic coffee maker.

Lastly, if you intend to use your espresso maker, you will do fine with the fine powdery grinds that you don't want when you are making medium and coarse grinds. So grind to your heart's content.

Grinding your coffee beans before brewing your coffee is the best way to make certain you are getting the freshest cup of your favorite drink.

A fresh cup of your own grind coffee can either taste bitter or weak. But with constant practice, you will learn how to grind your coffee beans, a vital part when creating the best cup of coffee.

As we said at the beginning: storage and coffee grind is everything. 

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