Coffee From Kenya

Coffee from Kenya, East Africa is considered to be some of the best in the world. In Fact it is said that the first coffee was actually created near Kenya, however moving it to that great location proved to be rather awkward for the local people.

Kenyans were enslaved by the Arabs at that time, and there were thousands upon thousands of Kenyans working on the coffee plantations in both Kenya and Arabia.

When the British finally arrived in 1900, they commandeered the country, an act that led to further bloodshed. 

 In the early Twentieth Century, British and European farmers would settle the interior of the country, and they would soon become quite wealthy, making money from the coffee, and from the labor of the enslaved Kenyan workers.

Kenyan Coffee Beans In an effort to monopolize the coffee industry, the British banned members of the Kikuyu tribe from growing their own coffee, and even introduced a hut tax. Eventually the Kikuyu would have to leave their own land and attempt to survive in the cities.

What many people do not realize is that the slavery of the Kenyans actually extended until 1960 when the British abandoned the country. The amazing thing is that in spite of everything, coffee from Kenya still exists, and it is considered by many to produce the best cup of coffee in the world. 

Kenyan coffee is Arabica coffee, and it is grown in the highlands where you will find the volcanic soil. Right now, there are 250,000 Kenyans working to further the coffee production, though the majority is produced by small land holders.

While coffee from Kenya is tasty and extremely popular, Kenyan coffee farmers are still the poorest in the world. 

Things are changing quickly. For example, Kenyan farmers have introduced the Ruiru 11 hybrid plant into their fields, and many are concerned that such an introduction will change the face of Kenyan coffee.

Though the use of this coffee would prove beneficial to farmers, there are rumors floating about that state the Ruiru 11 coffee tastes like a lower grade coffee.

Kenyan coffee boasts an amazing sweetness with a dry aftertaste. Kenya has produced some of the world's best coffee, and it wins hands down at any cupping table.

Farmers who produce higher quality coffee are rewarded by the government, and over the years these incentive have led to some amazing improvements.

With the level of quality control, it is no surprise that any coffee from Kenya has never produced a bad cup.  

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