Coffee Cream Cheese

Coffee cream cheese spread is the perfect topping for your bagel, toast, or English muffin along with your hot cup of coffee in the morning.

Made with only four ingredients, this is an easy spread to whip up the night before or even in the morning while you're waiting for your bagel to toast. Why not give or very special coffee cream cheese recipe a try tomorrow morning?

Pair this with a hot steaming mug of coffee or a cup of tea for breakfast or during an afternoon break.

This cheese spread is easily transportable, so you can take it to work too. Just make sure to store it in the refrigerator for best (and safest!) results.

Coffee Cream Cheese

Your Cream Cheese Ingredients

  • 1-Tablespoon milk

  • 1-teaspoon instant coffee granules

  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened (1 package)

  • 3-Tablespoons powdered sugar

Mix the instant coffee granules and the milk in a small bowl until the two ingredients are well blended.

In order for the cream cheese spread to appear smooth and creamy, it's important that the cream cheese be soft. Mix in the softened cream cheese with the coffee and milk until it has a smooth consistency.

Last, add the powdered sugar and mix until all of the ingredients are well blended.

This spread is delicious on toasted breads or plain bread.

Another great way to use this spread might be on crepes or as a substitute for plain cream cheese in a dessert recipe.

The flavor is mild, so don't be afraid to add a little more of the coffee granules if you prefer a stronger flavor.

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