Chocolate Cake Recipes

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Chocolate Cake Recipes are here for you to prepare and enjoy. Chocolate cake is deliciously tempting and satisfying to the taste buds of any chocolate lover (Doesn't the very mention of chocolate cake make your mouth water?)

Whats just as important is the fact that baking at home means that you make sure the ingredients are not only fresh and healthy but suit the tastes of your own family and friends. Have a try at one of our chocolate cake recipes and see for yourself.

Cake is the perfect dessert for any occasion or a tasty offering for a friend who just stops by to visit. Our basic Ganache recipe (go to the Frostings page!) is an easy enough topping to make for an every day dessert or fancy enough for a special celebration.

Well, here we have the direct links to all our Chocolate Cake Recipes so check them out right now...

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake Recipe HERE!

Honey Chocolate Cake Recipe HERE!

Mocha Spice Cake Recipe HERE!

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe with Hershey Kisses and Devil's Food Cake Mix

Chocolate Dump Cake Recipe HERE!

Chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe HERE!

Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe HERE!

Try our Honey Chocolate Cake topped with one of our deliciously creamy or downright gooey Frostings or sauces.

Slice of Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake is great for birthday parties, retirement parties, teas, spa nights, weddings, and much more.

There are numerous types of chocolate cakes too, which means you can find a style and taste of cake that fits your personality and occasion. Consider a layer cake for a fancier celebration. A sheet cake is perfect for a more informal event.

Cupcakes are great finger foods for a child's birthday party, cookout, or bridal shower.

Enjoy this irresistible collection of cake recipes. We hope you'll find a few (or several) that will become your favorites!

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