Bittersweet Chocolate

Bittersweet Chocolate is a variation of dark chocolate. The difference is that bittersweet is sweetened slightly and doesn’t contain any milk.

It’s basically a mixture of chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and sugar. Some manufacturers add a trace of vanilla to their bittersweet chocolate for added flavor.

Lecithin is sometimes added as an emulsifying agent. When sugar, extra fat and vanilla are added to unsweetened chocolate, bittersweet is the result.

Although bittersweet and semi sweet chocolate can be used interchangeably in a recipe, they are slightly different. Bittersweet typically contains a higher amount of chocolate liquor and less sugar than the semi sweet chocolate.

Bittersweet Chocolate Ingredients

The FDA requires that bittersweet products contain a minimum of 35% cacao solids or butter from cacao beans in order to be classified as bittersweet. Top-quality bittersweet products can contain as much as 65% cocoa.

Many companies are now printing the cocoa amounts directly on the package so you can see at a glance how much it contains. Keep in mind that the more cocoa a product contains, the less sweet it will taste.

Uses for Bittersweet Chocolate

  • Eating as a snack, occasionally
  • Baking – cakes, pies, fudge, mousse, brownies
  • Cooking – bread pudding, sorbet, and more

You can find this type of chocolate in several forms: chips, chunks, and bars. You wouldn’t think that bittersweet chocolate would taste that great in a recipe, but believe me, you’ll be surprised at the flavor this type of chocolate lends to the finished product.

And as a bonus, here is a great recipe you can follow that uses bittersweet chocolate: Bittersweet Chocolate Tart with Oranges and Raspberries with Jeff Murphy. Enjoy!

From: SaludNapa.
Time: 6.42 mins.
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Health Benefits of Bittersweet Chocolate

There are health benefits to enjoying bittersweet now and then. Dark chocolate is hailed as one of the healthiest forms of chocolate and because bittersweet is a form of dark chocolate it delivers the same benefits.

What does it contain that is good for you? It contains flavonoids and antioxidants that are beneficial for protecting the heart against disease and for lowering blood pressure, which could help to prevent a stroke or other serious illnesses.

That’s not to say that you can eat all of the chocolate you want to every day! Chocolate also contains fat, so you want to moderate your intake of chocolate just as you do other food and drink items with high fat content.

Caution: never feed your dog, cat, or horse chocolate of any kind. Keep it up where there is no chance your pet could reach it. Chocolate contains an alkaloid called theobromine, which is poisonous to these animals.

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