Barista Coffee Art

Barista Coffee Art is a fast growing competitive industry that can be visual treat. It's not easy of course and there are some very prestigious tournament and competitions that take place around the world.

Here are four more collections of designs that may interest you and you may want to try...not as easy as they look but the final 'Picture' is really great. Four more short YouTube videos showing a lot more interesting barista coffee art.

Even More Barista Coffee Art

1...Dozens of Different Designs by Gordon Hough

From: sparklerach
Time: 1.31
Sound (Music)

2...Russian Barista Art (News Item)

From: RussiaToday
Time: 2.21 mins
Sound On

3...My Own Personal Favorite

From: jonathaz01
Time: 1.40 mins.
Sound On?

4...Slide Show of All Sorts of Designs

From: alexutalexandra
Time: 4.31 mins
Sound On (Music)

Very interesting and not that complicated although getting the right milk and 'froth' isn't always easy.

Barista coffee art to entertain and maybe even inspire you with your own coffee noticed they used liquid chocolate to 'draw' in the milk...and a bonus “make your own coffee art game...

Amazing Latte Art Game...follow the dots and make your own coffee top picture...but you have to be very quick with your mouse!

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